Monday, January 3, 2011

Day Three....

Today was such a long day.  A long, long day.

The dogs got me up by barking and yelping at 5:15-ish? I don't remember exactly, as it was still so dark outside. They still don't sleep through the night, so I was hoping that this behavior of theirs would quickly stop.  It didn't. I got up and let them out and lounged around downstairs (read: fell back asleep) till about 6.  I then came upstairs, got dressed, WITH FULL MAKEUP, (#30 on my list) and woke the kids up at about 6:30.  All of them were still on Christmas Vacation time, and all pleaded with me not to send them to school - each with a different debilitating injury.  One's side hurt, another had a "me-grain" headache (migraine), and I stopped listening to the last kid's problem.  Breakfast was served, kitchen was cleaned, and we were out the door at 7:17.  Suh-weet!

I dropped the kid's off at their respective schools, and then went and filled up the car with gas ($2.85/gallon? Yikes.) and got a drink for the day.  The Shoppette (military convenience store) has 44 oz fountain drinks for 0.99, so I like to get one there.  Got to Walmart at about 7:45, and I was one of maybe 20 cars in the entire parking lot.  I love to go early in the mornings when no one but old people are there.  Went to the 75% off Christmas section, and got red, white, and blue ornaments for the Christmas tree for next year, as per the request of the kids, and got us each new stockings.  The one's we have now are all hand painted from the kids, which are cute & sweet & sentimental  ... but sometimes I think it will be nicer to have some "pretty" stockings out.  Plus.. the stockings were like 0.50 each.  I got about 50-60 ornaments, 10 shirt boxes, and 5 stockings for $21 with tax.  Not too shabby. I then did the grocery shopping.  I also took coupons! (#37) I actually took pictures of the coupons to prove to you that I used them (#12 - take pictures), but I left the camera downstairs and I am too tired to go get it to download them onto the computer.

Then, after that ... this was my day...

Pulled out some money from the bank for Landry's haircut tomorrow, because I forgot to get cash back.
PX (military Walmart) -- Dog food
Vet Clinic (with BOTH horrible dogs) *Bailey was 7 months last week and 77 pounds and Daisy is 6 months tomorrow and was 64 pounds, if you were wondering*  -- Heart worm pills for the month
Went to pay Audree's monthly payment for her braces.
Deposited a check into the savings account.
Petsmart - got harnesses and new leashes for the dogs.  Also, fish food for Audree's 6 day old goldfishes, with whom we found has passed on this evening to the big toilet bowl in the sky.  RIP Cloudy & Sunny.
Something else I know I did, but can't figure it out just now.
Got a taco from the taco truck down the street.
Came home for an hour and then went to go get the kids from school at 2:30.
4:00 - pickup's complete.. snacks, cleaning, dinner, got ready for the 1st soccer practice of the year (EVER!) for Delanie and Landry. Took some pictures of the kids in their uniforms.
6:00 - Soccer practice. Walked up to the wrong field and listened to a coach tell us about the teams, practices, etc. And then realized AFTER he was finished that we were at the wrong field.  Found the right set of bleachers, listened to Audree tell me repeatedly how bored she was and then she had the gall to fart - loudly- in front of all of the other team parents and then tried to blame it on me. Also ... Landry only practiced his kung-fu moves on the field, and Delanie was about 6" taller then anyone else on the team. It was also freezing-ly cold and all I was wearing was a thin, long sleeved t-shirt from Old Navy. (Not that it matters that it is from ON, but that can give you a reference to how thin it was.)  I ran out the door so concerned that the kids remember all of their things, that I forgot to bring a jacket for me. Whaa...whaa.

Came home, threw some more food at the kids (not really) and sent them off to the baths. Dealt with Cloudy & Sunny. Cleaned the kitchen, swept all the downstairs, tried to clean up some of the mud that the dogs tracked in all over the entire downstairs before we realized that they had been playing in the water faucet again, but I think that will have to wait for the steam cleaner or mop tomorrow.  Made myself some dinner at about 9:15 (macaroni and cheese, if you're curious). Came to my room to unwind..... and write this.

Tomorrow, Delanie has a doctor's appointment at 8 am in an adjoining town, and then housing will be here sometime between "10-2" to look at fixing some cracks in the walls and some popped tiles in the bathrooms. I have tons of cleaning - both regular and deployment-is-ending-so-I-need-to-scrub-it-all-down cleaning - and I have a metric ton of laundry to accomplish soon-ish if my kid's don't want to go to school wearing their Christmas pj's that match. Thursday, I am going to pick up my school books from the campus bookstore, and get my new student i.d., and that is about all I have planned between now and Monday.

Besides that metric ton of cleaning to be done, of course.

Aaaaaaaand, scene.

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  1. um...a) i have no idea why i even bothered to sit here and read this ridiculous diary-like entry of "here's what i did today," but b) i heart you and smiled and almost did at least 2 spit-takes, so c) thanks.