Saturday, June 25, 2011

Day One Hundred Seventy Six

Hello?  Yes, Hello!! So, I've been absent from around these parts.  No need to go into reasons, 'cuz they aren't important at this point. Let's just get on with it....

I've celebrated 10 years of marriage with the Ryan. That also means 10 years with the Army.  We celebrated the day by going to dinner and a movie.  Low key, just like us.

We have come down on orders for our first official PCS move. Yep, we've been here at The Great Place since he enlisted in 1999.  (If you're wondering how enlisting in 1999 = 10 yrs of service in 2011, let me explain.  His first contact was up after 6 years in 2005.  We believed the grass was greener outside of the Army life, and he happily left the service. Turns out the grass was an illusion and what we had been looking at was a facade of brown, dying grass.  So, about 15 months after initially getting out, he re-joined, and his "official" 10 year mark was in November of 2010.  We celebrated our 10th Wedding Anniversary in March 2011.)  Anyway.... we (he) made some calls and asked for a move and we (he) asked for our next duty station and we got it!  Technically, he told Branch that we wanted to move and asked them what our options were, and what we wanted was on there so we jumped at the chance. While that doesn't normally happen, we are thankful that it has happened for us.  Our first PCS will also be OCONUS, and that is terrifying!!!  There is so much to do!  So many little teeny, tiny details that have to be taken care of.  If we could get people who would like to actually like to help us out and say, cut our actual physical orders so we can get things rolling, that would be superb!!!

*** For those of you who may be non-military, PCS = Permanent Change of Station.  Basically it means that your moving.  OCONUS = Outside CONtinental United States. AKA... anywhere but the US. ***

Let's see, what else....

On the topic of my weight.
I've started walking. I try and walk at least 1 mile, but have gone up to 3.5 miles at a time. Sometimes in the mornings, sometimes in the late afternoons.  This is HUGE for me because I like to take the car the 5 houses down to get the mail rather than walking to get it.  I'm what you would probably call RIDICULOUSLY LAZY.  So, walking is a great start on my weight loss journey. Though,  I have sadly been still gaining weight. I stepped on the Wii Fit for the first time in months yesterday and it audible GASPED and yelled out "OBESE!", as if I needed more of a reason to not get on there.  I have a stationary bike in my bedroom, a mere 10 feet from my face right now, and I never use it.  Our treadmill is sitting in a closet downstairs, and will be sold to the first person who wants it.  I'm at a point now, however, where my weight is beginning to really hurt my health.  I've been told for years that losing weight will help with some problems I've had medically (emotionally? physically?), but now my doctor is wanting to perform a surgery that could potentially be helped by me losing the 100 pounds I've gained in the 10 years I've been married.

100 pounds.

It's hard to write that out.

O-N-E  H-U-N-D-R-E-D  P-O-U-N-D-S.

Moving on.....

I'm a little on the boring side right now.  ABW has been on me to start blogging again.  She had been in town a few weeks back and we had an AMAZING day together.  Think "her wearing my old high school flag costume - meets - many Mexican Martinis between the two of us - meets - a trip to an "Adults Only" store - meets - her winning at Bingo TWICE that day - meets - lots of laughs."  It really was incredibly fun.  She wanted me to guest blog on her site about our day (or days, since she showed up a day early and saw my house "pre-cleaned for company"!), but I declined.  I can't even keep up here, how would I be able to do that?!

I hope to post on here more regularly. Maybe I'll try and make another post this month, instead of just this Year. I don't want to stretch it though. Let's just hope for the best, and not really expect it either, mmkay? Awesome.